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Registration of Courses

Please check seat availability in the current OASIS schedule:

OASIS Schedule of Classes

Refresh your browser screen after opening the above link to ensure that it is current.The OASIS system is constantly updated by the registration process.

Please be aware that OASIS schedules have not necessarily been corrected. The table linked below has accurate information about the music course schedules.OASIS does have accurate information as to seating caps and seating availability.

Fall 2018 Music Courses (PDF)

Refresh your browser screen after opening the above file to ensure that it is current.The file is updated on a periodic basis.

The music courses for the semester posted above are provided as a table in Word DOC and PDF formats for convenient reference.These files are not actively connected to registration statistics and therefore do not show the current seating availability.Please cross-check the courses you need with the OASIS Schedule of Classes for real-time accuracy.



Late Registration Process





You must pay additional tuition if you add courses after the first week!

Be sure to do this within three days after the Registrar posts your new course(s).

After the first week of classes is over, any adjustments to the registration of students must be done according to the information below.

Undergraduate Students

Once the first week of classes is over, the registration books are closed and sealed. The only way you can add a course is through an ARC (Academic Regulations Committee) Petition, available and processed through the Advising Office in FAH 120. If you are adding a course, be sure to attach an Instructor's Late Add form to the petition.  The ARC packets are in a shelf against the wall by the receptionist.  Return all completed forms to Mr. Reginald Joseph, Coordinator of Student Services and Advising in the College of The Arts.

If you need to exchange a course for another course of equal credit, complete the ARC Petition with both Instructor Late Drop and Instructor Late Add forms attached.

If a course was registered as the result of misadvising on the part of the advisor or an instructor, you should complete an ARC form with an Instructor Late Drop form confirming that the registration was an administrative error. Specify on the ARC form under "Other" that you wish for the course to be DELETED from your transcript.  Once the course is removed from you registration, you will no longer be fee-liable for it, and you can process a Fee Refund form in the Registrar's Office.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must use either a Graduate School Petition (add/drop/change hours) for late registration or a Graduate Delete Course Form, both of which are available on the Graduate School website:

After the form is completed, it should be submitted to the appropriate academic advisor in FAH 120 for processing.

Music Catalogs and Forms



MUSIC REGISTRATION FORM: This is the form that must be completed and submitted to Dr. Hayden in order to register for music courses that are restricted to departmental approval (require a permit).  It may be sent as an email attachment, deposited on Dr. Hayden's door, or faxed to his office via the number on this website's homepage.  Music Registration Form.doc

RECITAL ATTENDANCE: Students are required to attend a certain number of music performances during their program studies.  This syllabus provides the guidelines for the course, which must be registered in each of several semesters: Recital Attendance - MUS 2010

DIRECTED STUDY: Faculty members are not compensated for assisting students in directed studies.  However, if an agreement is made with a faculty member, this is the contract form to be processed: Directed Study Contract - Music.doc

APPROVAL FORM FOR QUALIFYING RECITAL: Following a junior, senior, or graduate recital, the student should have the following form completed and returned to the music advisor: Recital Approval Form

APPLICATION FOR BS DEGREE - MUSIC EDUCATION STATUS: This form must be completed and returned to Dr. Hayden in order to be officially admitted and listed as a music education major (MUE).Until this is done, the student is considered to be a pre-music education major (MPE).MUE Application.docxorMUE Application.pdf

GRADUATE COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION: To be completed and signed by the studentís committee at the conclusion of the oral defense.Must be returned to Dr. Hayden in order to graduate. Graduate.Comprehensive.Exam.Contract.pdf

GRADUATE ASSISTANT CREDIT EXTENSION:Completed by Graduate Assistants and submitted to the Music Office Manager in the first week of each semester in which they wish to increase the registered credit hours (above the normal 9 credit hours) covered by a tuition waiver.GA.Credit.Extension-Reduction.docx


Viewers for documents on this website are available as free downloads:

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