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Frequently Asked Questions

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Music Major Questions

Where is the School of Music website?  Go to

Where is the Herd of Thunder (HOT) Marching Band website?   Go to

How do I become a major in music?  Writing your desired major on the USF application form does not qualify you to become a music major.  You must audition for members of the music faculty, per the instructions and forms at

Is there a Music Student Handbook?  Yes. See Undergraduate Majors or Graduate Majors on this website.  Also, the Undergraduate Catalog contains all essential information normally presented in a handbook.  Be familiar with--and knowledgeable about--these two sections: (1) Academic Policies and Procedures (2) Visual and Performing Arts.

Which ensembles are considered "Major Ensembles" for music degree requirements?  Chamber Singers, Jazz Ensembles (Big Bands), Jazz Chamber Ensembles (Jazz Combos: only for jazz studies majors), Piano Ensemble/Chamber Ensemble (only for piano majors) Symphony Band, Symphony Orchestra, University Singers, Wind Ensemble

What are the career options with a music degree?  Refer to this list: Music Careers.doc and these websites: Music Career Websites.doc

How can I calculate my GPA and plan for future grades?  Use this: Projected_GPA_Calculator.xls

What are the rules about copyrighted music?  Read this: Copyright and Music.doc

What happens if my course registrations are canceled for financial reasons?  You must go to the Cashier's Office in SVC 1039 and complete and submit a Petition for Reinstatement.  This requires paying for the courses, even if you hope to have financial eventually cover the tuition.  Once all of the originally registered courses have been paid and reinstated as fully registered, you can process any changes (late add or drop) you wish to make through an ARC Petition.  You may file for a refund if there is an outstanding balance in your account after all transactions are completed.

Helpful Websites

Undergraduate Catalogs and Counseling Manuals

Office of Admissions

Office of Financial Aid


Office of the Registrar

Students with Disabilities Services (SDS)

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Don't Stop, Don't Drop

The Office of National Scholarships: Resources for Educational Distinction (R.E.D.)

Below are links to the mental health programs available on campus.

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